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McDonald’s Is Better Than Orenco Station Grill March 21, 2013

Gosh, I haven’t written a bad review like this one in a loooongg time.  In fact, the last restaurant I disliked this much closed down (Afrique) and is now a pub (Tavin’s). At some point, bad food coupled with bad service will catch up to you and if the owner’s don’t start reading customer reviews and realize there is an issue they deserve to lose money and eventually close their doors forever.

The night started out fine. We got seated right away and our server (Alysha) seemed nice enough and brought out water in a timely manner and said she would take our order shortly. We decided to try their scallop starter wrapped in bacon (4 medium scallops which calculated close to $2.75 a scallop). It arrived in a reasonable time and then things went downhill from there. Tables around us, some seated after us, were receiving their main courses before us. In fact, the couple beside us even paid and left before we even got our main courses but then again, they had a different server.  Let me add that we didn’t order anything too complicated or time-consuming to put together. I ordered a veggie burger (frozen patty) and my bf ordered the kobe beef burger and the fries that came with the meal were frozen too. It took over 45 min after we got our starter (and we placed the entire order at the same time) for our food to arrive. She knew our order was missing and told us she would check on the status but never came back to tell us how much longer. I’m sure she never put it in. She gave us no explanation at all. She kept walking back and forth to her other tables (still ignoring us) and each time she did, we got madder that she didn’t have the decency to tell us what the hell happened to our food. Our used starter plates and utensils sat at our table for over 30 minutes because she couldn’t bother taking the dirty dishes off our table which is just plain lazy.

When we finally got our meal, she offered no apology for it taking so long and still had no explanation either.  I guess we should have just been grateful to have received it at all. My burger was meh. I liked the bread but the frozen patty was a bit dry. They charged me an extra $1 for the cheese and $1 for sweet potato fry substitution which brought my meal to about $12. I should have gone to Little Big Burger and saved at least half of my money. The kobe beef was even more disappointing.  My bf stated it was dry inside and burned outside and that plate of food costs about $15-16. Their website doesn’t include the prices on their menu, a strategic measure I’m sure because there is a lot on their menu that is over priced for the quality they serve.

We wanted to get out of there so I had the coupon on my phone ready to scan along with a debit card so we didn’t have to wait another 10 minutes for her to come back to take our money.  What I hate most is she earned 18% whether she gave good service or not.

Don’t waste your time or money here. Read the reviews and you’ll notice 2 extremes.  You have a 50/50 chance of getting pissed off and wasting your money or being happy and claiming it’s the best meal you’ve ever had or the best place you’ve ever eaten (no seriously, people have written this sh$t). Now, when I read things like that, I can’t really take their opinion seriously because Portland is a foodie city and if Orenco Grill is the best experience you’ve had then I feel bad you haven’t done your stomach or wallet a favor. They deserve better and so does everyone walking through their door.

Here is a picture of the scallops.  I didn’t take a picture of our mains because we were hungry by then and a bit angry but trust me, it’s nothing to write home about.



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Off The Griddle Food Cart ~ Veggie Burger and Volt December 9, 2010

Sometimes in life, you make an unintended turn onto a street and you end up in food cart heaven.  It happened to me!

It was a sunny day in October and I was too lazy to pack a lunch so I thought it was a perfect time to check out a Mexican food cart that I’ve been meaning to go to just off SE 50th and Division Street.  Then it happened.  I couldn’t find rock star parking anywhere near the cart so I veered off the main road meaning to turn around and circle back.  That is, until I saw a whole parking lot full of other ones that I could go to instead.  This food cart area is called A la Carts Food Pavillion and The Off the Griddle cart  is one of the first to greet you as you enter this pod.  I give props to any cart that exclusively serves vegetarian/vegan friendly food.  I never have to worry about my fries tasting like the fish or chicken that has also been fried in the same oil.  All their burgers looked appetizing to me but I decided to try the regular OTG (Off the griddle) burger made with leeks, mushrooms and wild/brown rice.  It is also served with fried onions, lettuce and tomato and I added cheese to it for an extra 50 cents (vegan cheese also avail).  The menu also had something called a Veggie Volt which is a Yukon gold potato spiraled out and skewered on a bamboo stick then fried to golden perfection.  I had to buy one of those too 🙂

Let me just say this was one of the most satisfying lunch meals I’ve ever eaten.  The flavor of the burger was spot on and the fried onions were a nice addition sandwiched between Dave’s Killer Bread.   The veggie volt was also delicious and fun to eat.  Each spiral was easily pulled off into a chip sized portion and was nicely fried but not too greasy at all.  Seriously good food here.  Did I mention they do this all in a solar-powered cart?  They rock. 

This pod has a covered tent area with propane heaters for the winter!  Yippee!!!

The BEST veggie burger I've eaten EVER!

Location: 50th and Division (4926 SE Division St) Call in your order: 503.989.3908

Cost: Burger $5.50  (cheese additional .50 cents)/ Veggie Volt $2.50


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