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Healthy Smoothies June 5, 2015


I’m currently on a green smoothie kick (2 weeks and counting now) and I’m really liking it.  I felt like I needed to up my vegetable and fruit intake and this was the easiest way to do it.  I have one smoothie for breakfast and it keeps me full until lunch time.  It’s very easy to make a healthy smoothie unhealthy and loaded with calories and sugar so I’ve tried to be smart about what I put in each one.  Nothing is wasted and everything can be frozen so if you are thinking of doing this don’t worry about throwing anything away.

My go to green veggie is spinach and my garden is bursting with them right now so my green smoothie base consists of that or a mix of spinach and baby kale leaves.  I will be trying collards and romaine lettuce too.  As far as fruit goes, I put one or two different fruits in each smoothie because the natural sugars in them can easily add up.  The liquid bases I’ve use so far are coconut water and almond milk.  I am really liking the almond milk especially when I add a little almond butter. Yum! Other additions I use is sprirulina/chlorella powder and chia gel.  I don’t use protein powders because I want to keep my smoothies as natural as possible and I’ve stopped eating Greek yogurt so I don’t use any in my smoothies either.

I’m hoping to try other ingredients in my smoothies like oats, coconut oil and silken tofu.  Anyone else on a smoothie kick?