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The “Hangover Omelette” ~ Serendipity 3 July 25, 2013

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I first heard about Serendipity 3 on a travel show (big surprise right?) where they featured the $1000 sundae.  Total wast of money in my opinion but I wanted to go there anyways to try out other goodies during a recent trip to Las Vegas.  I remember reading about their frozen hot chocolate too but at $8.95 plus tax I thought it was a bit overpriced since there was no alcohol, I passed on it.

We had a few minutes to watch some orders come out and realized the portions were huge so the boyfriend and I decided to split a meal.  Why not save a few bucks and a thousand calories right?  And what better choice than the hangover omelette ($11.50) which is stuffed with mushrooms, bacon and french fries.

The Hangover Omelette

The Hangover Omelette

It is the perfect amount of food if you are a bit hung over and just need the all important fries to suck up all the remaining alcohol in your system and  fill your stomach enough so you can drink all over again.  I’m not sure it is worth the money to eat here but it’s a tourist spot and it was next to our hotel so the location was ideal.



Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck ~ North Shore Oahu Hawaii January 4, 2012

"No Refunds" Hot n Spicy Shrimp Plate

I go on seafood binges from time to time and what better place to do that than Hawaii right?  It was day 3 when I got my shrimp on at the famous Giovanni’s shrimp truck.  Locals swore this was the only place to get shrimp from a truck at because it just tasted far better than their competitors.  I only tried one truck so I’ll just have to take their word for it but it was  featured on an episode of Man vs Food so I knew it was at least the most popular if not the best.   
The famous truck which is covered in the names of people who have eaten there is located on Oahu’s North Shore.  I’ve heard the lines can be long but I lucked out and only had one person in front of me.  I decided to try the hot n spicy plate and wondered if I was in for some serious pain since it clearly stated that no refunds would be given which means eat at your own risk.  The plate consists of a dozen shrimp (shells on) that is marinated and cooked in their secret spicy sauce alongside a couple scoops of rice.  I just finished snacking on some shoyu poke so I wasn’t super hungry but I didn’t want to miss out on this must eat place.  My verdict?  Yes it is spicy.  You will feel it within a couple of seconds and it will stay with you for a short while.  It’s a good heat though and the flavor of the shrimp still comes through despite the spice.  I think most people who don’t like spicy food won’t go near this anyways and will opt for their scampi or lemon butter flavors.  I think I ate 8 total which is pretty good considering I needed to save room for the shave ice I was heading to next.  Be prepared to have plenty of napkins close by, a cold beverage on hand and skip the fork and just use your hands for the rice.  Oh and don’t forget to write your name on the truck!
The famous truck
Locations: 56-505 Kamehameha highway in beautiful, historic Kahuku town and 66-472 Kamehameha highway in Haleiwa town
Cost: $13 (gasp)