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Food Pic Friday ~ Nectarine And Blueberry Galette May 17, 2013

Food pic Friday: Random photos of food or drinks I make or put together at home because for some reason I can’t eat out all the time

nectarine and blueberry galette

I love frozen puff pastry!  The desserts are always beautiful and it looks like you’ve spent longer than you really did to put it all together.

Defrost the pastry according to directions (45 min on your counter) and get everything else in place while you wait: put parchment on your baking sheet, get your floured surface ready, get some butter ready for brushing over the pastry, get your tools out such as a rolling-pin, pizza cutter, pastry brush and prep your toppings.   This won’t take 45 min but I like to have things in place so I don’t have to open cabinets or drawers once I’m ready to assemble everything.

Heat oven to 400 degrees and start slicing up 2 nectarines and grab a handful of  blueberries and throw them in a bowl and stir in some turbinado sugar, cinnamon and 1/2 of a freshly squeezed lemon.  I don’t measure, just enough to coat.

I roll out the defrosted dough on a floured surface (rolling away from me twice before rotating it 1/4 turn so the one section isn’t over worked).  I repeat the 1/4 rotation and roll until my desired thickness is reached. I cut the edges and place them on the borders creating a “frame.”  Prick the bottom with a fork (don’t puncture the whole way through) and brush some melted butter on top and sprinkle some turbinado sugar.  I forego the egg wash because the butter does brown it nicely and gives it more flavor.  I layer the nectarines and once it’s assembled, I throw it back in the fridge to firm up for about 15 min.  Puff pastry doesn’t puff well when it gets too warm.  You can add sprinkles of butter over the nectarines but I usually skip that.

Bake it for about 20-25 min and once it’s out of the oven, brush it with some apricot jam that’s been mixed with a splash of water and microwaved for 15-20 seconds.  This will create a nice sheen on the top.




Food Pic Friday ~ Chicken Pot Pie January 11, 2013

Food pic Friday: Random photos of food or drinks I make or put together at home because for some reason I can’t eat out all the time

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie using left overs from a whole roasted chicken, homemade broth, random veggies and store-bought puff pastry.


Food Pic Friday ~ Palmiers January 4, 2013

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Palmier: Cookie made out of puff pastry and a ridiculous amount of sugar.  They are sooo good out of the oven.  You can begin drooling now….

Food pic Friday: Random photos of food or drinks I make or put together at home because for some reason I can’t eat out all the time


Halloween Zombie Food November 15, 2012

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Ok, so I know Halloween has passed but I wanted to share this great idea I made for my zombie work party.   Yes, that’s right,  a zombie W-O-R-K party.  My job can be so much fun sometimes that I can’t believe I get paid to do some of these things.  My “pièce de résistance” was the stuffed intestines.  It was the first thing gone and everyone had great things to say about it or wanted to know how to make it.   It’s a little time consuming but well worth the effort with the future accolades you will no doubt receive.  For this particular size I used 3 full puff pastry shells so adjust accordingly.  You can pick a savory or sweet filling but for this one I picked Costco’s spinach and artichoke dip because it was thick and wouldn’t run too much.


Before entering the oven

What you will need:

  • Ready made puff pastry
  • Filling of your choice
  • Flour for dusting
  • Egg wash for finishing
  • Rolling pin
  • Pizza cutter
  • Pastry brush
  • Red and blue food coloring
  • Tooth pick

I read a couple intestine recipes and I did a mini dry run on it because I didn’t want to mess up on the big day.  This is how I did it and it’s way simpler than the other recipes I’ve found on the internet.

  1. Follow instructions on defrosting the puff pastry.  I left mine in the fridge over night.  Take one sheet out at a time and refrigerate the other half until you are ready to use it.  It is already perforated in 3 sections so make those cuts and use your rolling pin on a floured surface to make each third thinner.  Tip: roll outwards twice then rotate 1/4 turn and keep rotating so you it isn’t rolled only in one direction.  You shouldn’t need to do it more than 3-4 rotations because it needs to be thick enough to hold the filling and be easily manipulated without tearing through.
  2. Get your filling out and spoon a little down the middle of your rectangle.  It is super easy to put too much in and you will know this once you try to pinch the ends closed.  It’s trial and error and if you are smart like me, you’ll learn fast and minimize the over flow 🙂
  3. To assemble the roll, all I did was take each end and pinch them closed (I didn’t use an egg wash like other recipes called for) and I put the pinched end down on the pan so don’t worry if it’s ugly because the seams won’t show anyways.  Other recipes linked every section together in one long strand but if you don’t have the luxury of 10 ft long counters then do what I did and link each section by pinching them together.  After filling each pastry sheet, lay them down on the pan and start shaping them into an intestine.
  4. Once they are all connected you can put the blood on which is the fun part.  Get several drops of red food coloring and one to two drops of blue mixed together and use a tooth pick to make the markings.  Here is the important part: put your completed intestines back in the fridge until it is firm again.  This is necessary for it to puff so don’t skip this step otherwise you will be disappointed with the end result.
  5. Make sure your oven is at least 400 to 425 degrees.  Many of the recipes called for 375 and this simply didn’t work out for me in my trial run.  It was soggy even after 20 plus minutes.  I’ve worked with puff pastry in the past and I’ve never had it lower than 400.  The oven I used was older and the temperature wasn’t accurate so I had mine at 425 and cooked it for 25 minutes.  I would check it at 20 minutes and take it out once it’s golden brown on top.  I forgot the egg wash and it still turned out nicely so it’s up to you.  It will be shinier if you do it but no biggie if you don’t.


Zombie intestines