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Waffle Mania ~ Flavour Spot Food Cart February 20, 2012

The Fifth Avenue

Waffle sandwiches…dreamy stuff if you ask me.  I’m definitely on board the waffle craze.  It’s portable, compact and it can be savory or sweet.  I don’t care if people call it a fad either, as long as it’s a tasty fad then I’m in full support of it. 

I was downtown for a meeting, which is never an exciting thing for me, and I needed a quick sugar pick me up to get me through the next hour.  The sweet fix I needed suddenly appeared before me when we parked in the same lot where the Flavour Spot cart sits at.  I was going to get a plain nutella but then I noticed the Fifth Avenue waffle.  Half nutella and half CRUNCHY peanut butter! Say what?  I was sold on this immediately.  What a fantastic combination and now I’m wondering why the heck didn’t I think of this on my own.  I’ve dipped peanut butter cups in nutella so I was on the right track to something spectacular but never quite made it there.  The Flavour Spot made me realize the obvious.  Nutella and crunchy peanut butter are made to be together all warm and gooey nestled in a freshly made waffle.  Is your mouth salivating just thinking about that?  Because it should be. 

Location: SW 3rd and Ash – Old Town

Cost: $3.75 for the Fifth Avenue