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Chickpea Sandwich at Garden State February 17, 2011

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My first food order from this cart were the chickpea fries which I instantly fell in love with so naturally I had to try the sandwich counterpart and it certainly does not disappoint.

The sandwich is made using a ciabatta roll then a fried garbanzo patty is placed inside along with lettuce, lemon aioli, butternut squash and a carrot slaw.  There is sweetness from the carrots and tartness from the aioli which plays well together.  A very well constructed veggie friendly sandwich that carnivores and vegetarians alike will enjoy.  Very filling but it may be a little chickpea overkill when paired up w/ the fries.  I suggest getting the fried risotto ball instead or pick up some regular fries from the falafel place a few carts over. 

I also want to add that Garden State is one of the only carts in the Mississippi pod that is consistently open during the rainy months.  We Oregonians still need to eat!!!  I see a lot of carts closing up early or not opening at all when the crowds are not favorable. I’ve come to Garden State on miserable cold and wet days and they are still making food for the handful of people waiting in the rain.   The other carts should just close up until spring and put a sign up if they are not willing to open in the rain. Geez.  It freaking rains here 4 months straight and that’s being conservative.   So thank you Garden State for staying open.  My hips might not be so thankful but my stomach sure is. 

Cost: $6.50

Address: Mississippi Food Carts


Call ahead: 503-962-9265

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Garden State’s Chickpea Fries December 17, 2010


I have to thank my boss for discovering this amazing creation.  We were both waiting for our lunch at a different food cart and ended up wandering over to Garden State to check out their menu.  The deep-fried risotto ball caught our eye but unfortunately it was all sold out.  Then we saw the chickpea fries.  A collective hmmmm ensued and our curiosity prompted us to immediately purchase some.   We were surprised they were actually shaped like fries, we thought they were going to just fry up the beans which would have been just as good.  The fries are not greasy and only lightly salted.  They give you enough that you will more than likely share with someone because they are quite filling.  I’m pretty sure there is parsley in it and they give you lemon to squeeze on them too.  Very simple but incredibly good food. 

I try to tell myself everything in moderation so I never feel bad about eating anything but I’ve had these twice already this week and I know number three is just around the corner.  I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. 


Location: Mississippi Food Carts

Price: $3

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A trip to The Sugar Cube Part 4 ~ Ultimate Brownie Sundae September 29, 2010



My Mission:

Try every cake/cupcake/pie product on their menu

My destination: The Sugar Cube. It is a food cart dishing up decadent desserts. 

Total Chocogasm

Why? : Duh!!! 

I’ve already raved about the Ultimate Brownie (in part 1 of my mission) and although it is hard to imagine how this wonderful creation could get any better, I must say that it can!  When you want to treat yourself to something sinfully delicious, I highly recommend trying the Ultimate Brownie Sundae.  It’s stylishly dressed up and ready to eat!  

The brownie is still the center of attention and deservingly so.  It’s fudgy goodness with bittersweet ganache center is served warm and topped with vanilla bean ice cream, salted caramel, fresh whoop (their word for whip) and an amerena cherry on top.  According to their menu it is a “total chocogasm” and I have to agree, they are right! It is pure blissful decadance.  If the first few words out of your mouth isn’t OHHH MYYY GAWDDDD then something is wrong with you.  I mean look at the picture, you are probably saying it already right? 


LocationFood Carts on the corner of  Mississippi and Skidmore Moved to the A la carts food pavilion off 50th and SE Division Street

Cost: $3.50


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A trip to The Sugar Cube Part 3 ~ Highway To Heaven Cupcake August 30, 2010

My Mission: Try every cake/cupcake/pie product on their menu.

My destination:  The Sugar Cube. It is a food cart dishing up decadent desserts

Why?: Duh!!!

In my ongoing pursuit of trying out every baked item on the Sugar Cube’s menu, I find myself staring at the Highway to Heaven cupcake.  On this fateful day, I was actually going to buy the Amy Winehouse cupcake until I saw this “special” one that isn’t listed on their regular menu but is on their special order list.  So there I was…torn between the two.  A dessert dilemma was upon me and I wasn’t sure what to do.  Luckily, a fellow co-worker stepped in and offered to buy one and we split each cupcake.  Yippee!!

The Highway cupcake is described as  THE BEST chocolate buttermilk cupcake, filled to the brim with dreamy salted caramel and then dipped in rich bittersweet chocolate ganache. Michael Landon would be so proud.

The H2H is a pretty freaking good cupcake.  Again, there is a mix of different flavor combinations which makes this an interesting eating experience.  The middle also had caramel swirled about and that was nice surprise.  I am still in love with the Ultimate Brownie and it tops my chocolate list but this one is a close second.


Location: Food carts on the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore Moved to A la Carts Pavilion off 50th and SE Division

Cost: $3 or $3.50 (I can’t remember)


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The Big Egg Food Cart ~ The Portlander August 27, 2010

I never skip breakfast.  Never.  I usually eat something light but when I have a ferocious appetite I make my way to The Big Egg food cart in the Mississippi neighborhood.  I order the same protein and carb rich sandwich every time called The Portlander.  It consists of two big eggs any style (I order over medium), choice of cheese (I get Fontina), fresh chives and Stoneground mustard on grilled Grand Central brioche (I add the vegetarian sausage too which is an extra $1).  The sandwich is beautiful to look at and one of the most difficult things to eat.  It’s huge!!!  Don’t wear white and have a lot of napkins handy. 

Location: Food carts on the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore

Cost: $6


A trip to The Sugar Cube Part 2 ~ Amy Winehouse Cupcake August 20, 2010

My Mission:  Try every cake/cupcake/pie product on their menu.

My destination: The Sugar Cube. It is a food cart dishing up decadent desserts.

Why?: Duh!!!

Can I just say that this is about the greatest mission I’ve ever given myself!!!

I loved the Ultimate Brownie but I decided to try out something different and opted for the infamous Amy Winehouse cupcake: A boozy yellow cake, infused with copious amounts of brandy, a hint of orange zest and then dipped in sexy bittersweet chocolate ganache. This little gem comes with a coke straw and a Colombian sugar bump. Party! 

The first bite was curiously delicious.  What does that mean exactly?  It is when you take a bite and go hmmmm (but you don’t spit it out).  You continue eating it with the hope of distinguishing what makes it taste so unique and before you know it…POOF it’s all gone.  The citrus and the brandy were definitely apparent and I liked it but it also made me think about what the hell was inside of it. The owner (Kir) doesn’t just focus on sweet cake and ultra sweet icing like most cupcake places around town. She likes to mix sweet and salty/bitter and sweet and in this case boozy and sweet. I must say with each bite I grew fonder and fonder of the cupcake. After I finished it, I knew I ate a damn good cupcake. It’s just not the normal “flavor” combination that most people are accustomed to. There is subtle complexity in her creations and I appreciate that as a dessert lover. Super moist cake and killer ganache.


Location: Food carts on the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore Moved to A la Carts Food Pavilion off 50th and SE Division Street

Cost: $3 a pop

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A trip to The Sugar Cube Part 1 ~ The Ultimate Brownie August 14, 2010

My destination:  The Sugar Cube, a food cart dishing up decadent desserts.

My Mission: Try every cake/cupcake/pie product on their menu.

Why? : Duh!!!

The owner is Kirsten (Kir) and I think she is great.  She has talked me out of feeling guilty for eating her fabulous desserts and I realized she is right. She succeeded in counseling me into eating without feeling bad about the calories or fat content I was about to consume. Thank you for reminding me to just enjoy eating!

So, my mission begins with what is called The Ultimate Brownie
It is described on her menu as a Super fudgy goodness with bittersweet chocolate ganache centers. These babies are served warm and melty, then lightly sprinkled with fleur de sel and grassy green olive oil.
Try it…expand your chocolate and vanilla horizon. 

Ok folks.  This is f*cking amazing.  It really is.  I remember the first time I bought it I was thinking that it was pretty small for a $3.50 brownie.  I guess I am just used to super size portions but in this case you have to throw out that train of thought and realize that size doesn’t matter.  (Well that’s not entirely true but in terms of food it is).  

This brownie is a more refined variety. It is rich and delicious with a gooey center. I love the salt and the sweet coming together in dessert bliss.  I’m fairly certain I can eat more than one but it is the perfect size to indulge your sweet tooth and get your chocolate fix. Two big thumbs up for this brownie.   

Location: Food carts on the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore Moved to the A la Carts Food Pavilion off 50th and SE Division

Cost: $3.50

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