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Ice Cream Headaches Coming Up! ~ Salt & Straw August 30, 2013

Salt and Straw headache

Salt and Straw headache

I’d like to try that goat cheese, marionberry and habanero (summer flavor) and my normal sea salt ice cream and caramel ribbon please! Holy cow, I always get a headache after eating at Salt and Straw but I always tell myself it’s worth it.  This photo of the ice cream is very special to me because it was the first photo taken with my brand new iphone and it’s fitting that honor went to food. My other phone suffered a fall against the concrete pavement and lost so I needed to start my photo collection stat because I’m still trying to figure out how to recover all my other photos from “the cloud.” So this marked the start of my new collection of food photos.  This picture was also taken at the brand new location of Salt and Straw on 33rd and SE Division.  I’d like to share a small miracle that happened there: I had to park a few blocks away and as I walked towards the location, there was no line out the door and around the corner. Unheard of right?  Well get this…when I walked inside, there was no line again!  I think I was standing in shock for a minute trying to figure out if I walked into the right place.  This kind of thing just doesn’t happen at the other locations and I’m kicking myself for not buying a lottery ticket the day this miracle happened.  I was ecstatic for that reason and that we got seats by the window to enjoy our future ice cream headaches (my friend gets them too and she’s a nurse yet it doesn’t concern her so why should I care right?).  The goat cheese one is delicious but it isn’t spicy at all so don’t let the habanero part of it scare you away and I always get the caramel ribbon because it is my favorite.  By the way, the image is of a half and half scoop (seriously it’s considered one full scoop) so don’t get a double if you can’t decide.  The half and half is plenty!