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Brunch at DiPrima Dolci May 6, 2011

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My Order: Frittata: An Italian-style baked omelet served with roasted potatoes, bread and fruit.

I first discovered this family owned establishment in my pursuit for great cannoli but after closer examination of their menu, I realized they had some great savory options to choose from so I decided to try them out one morning.  My brunch choice was their frittata and I picked spinach and feta for my filling.  I was not disappointed as the portion size was generous and the potatoes were delicious.  You can taste the homemade goodness here and I’m sure the bread on my plate was made that morning.  Don’t forget to order a cannoli! I managed to eat mine before my meal even got to the table as it goes really well with espresso 🙂

Location: DiPrima Dolci (1936 N. Killingsworth St, Portland Oregon) 

Cost: $9

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Lunch at DiPrima Dolci ~ Spinach Pine Nut Feta Torta January 8, 2011

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My Order: Spinach-Pinenut-Feta Torta: A savory pie baked with spinach, eggs, cream, feta cheese and pine nuts in a flaky crust.  Served with bread and fagioli salad. 

You must like cream and butter in order to enjoy this dish.  I don’t even want to know how much of each ingredient they use because it’s more than is needed in anyone’s daily dietary fat intake.  Once you start eating though you probably won’t even care about such things. The crust is melt in your mouth flaky and buttery and the pine nuts were a nice touch for added texture. What I really liked was the fagioli salad, pronounced fah-zhoo-lee,  which is the Italian word for beans, typically white beans.  Their version had fennel seed (which tastes nothing like fennel) and their addition of red onions and celery added a nice crunch to it. 

FYI…the owner has since changed the salad option and currently does not have this one available (as of Jan 2011) but I imagine she rotates the choices often enough so the fagioli may find its way back on the menu very soon. 


Location: DiPrima Dolci 1936 N. Killingsworth, Portland Oregon

Cost: ??? I forgot exactly but somewhere between $7-10

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