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The Scotch Egg ~ Happy Hour At The Thirty Lion October 26, 2013

Who thinks these crazy things up?

Who thinks these crazy things up?

Oh the Scotch egg.  It’s a hard-boiled egg that’s been wrapped in pork sausage, then breaded and deep-fried.  No one should really eat it right?  It’s curiously delicious.  I wasn’t sure after my first bite but I kept going in for more and within a few minutes, I ended up eating my portion of it.  For $3.95 how could you not try it out?


  • Happy hour is 3 pm-7 pm (M-F).  I love happy hours that go past 6 pm!
  • Happy hour food is $3.95 to $5.95
  • Pints/well drinks $3.50-4.00
  • I don’t know if I ever needed to eat the Scotch egg (pictured above) but I’m glad I tried something new in food adventure land.


  • It’s located downtown and I hate paying for and looking for parking.  They also have a location in Tigard which is completely out of my way but I’m sure parking is better there.
  • Food is meh but it does the job.  We tried the beer fondue and pretzel, caesar salad and calamari.
  • Plenty of seating!


Location: 71 SW 2nd Avenue Portland, OR 97204


Cuban Happy Hour ~ Pambiche September 8, 2013

Pambiche makes one of my favorite chicken dishes (pollo criollo) and the best version of tres leches cake in Portland (in my humble opinion).  I was very excited to try the happy hour here and was not disappointed by the food or drinks.  We ate so much and ordered too much that we couldn’t even think about dessert. Please note: We did not nor could not finish all the food in the photo below.



  • Happy hour starts at 2 pm! and runs until 6 pm (M-F) then 10 pm to midnight (Fri and Sat night)
  • Great food and beverage choices.  The flavors are incredible and so much better than pub food and in most cases, cheaper too!
  • Our bill was about $25 per person which included 3 drinks each plus all the food above (we ordered 2 more items after that photo was taken so there was actually more food!).

Our sampling:

  1. We ordered 3 empanadas because apparently we ordered with our eyes and not our stomachs.  We picked a couple of potato and cheese (papa con queso) as well as a spinach and 3 cheese (espinaca con queso) and all were  flaky and delicious ~$3 each
  2. Cod fish and potato croquetas (bacaloa con papa) ~ $4 plate (4 pieces).
  3. Yuca Frita ~ yuca fries $3.50 
  4. Moros & Cristianos – black bean and rice – $2
  5. Pollo Frito ~ Chicken marinated in creole seasoning then deep-fried -$3.50
  6. Masitas – Adobo seasoned pork that is deep-fried – $5 (one of my favorite items).


  • Parking is limited so be prepared to walk (this can be a problem for lazy people).
  • Most of the dining space is outdoors (this can be a positive in the warmer months but they have heaters when it gets chilly).
  • No vodka?  Rum is the spirit of choice but I’m glad I tried something new! I drank a few of the “las tunas teas” ($5) made with their own house made tropical tea which is shaken with raw honey and rum.  I absolutely love this drink and can’t wait to drink it again!


Website: www.


Happiest of Happy Hours ~ Brix Tavern April 8, 2013

Amante Picante with spicy Vodka

Amante Picante with spicy Vodka

Brix Chips

Brix Chips

My first time at Brix was fantastic!  Here are the highlights and good things to know…I apologize for the mediocre photos, I was too busy eating and drinking to focus 🙂

  1. Monday is all day happy hour which is usually the day we need it most (3 pm to close)
  2. Early happy hour is 3 pm to 6:30 pm  everyday
  3. Late happy hour is 9:30 pm to 12 am Sunday through Thursday (no happy hour cocktails Fri and Sat night)
  4. Martinis (with infused liquors and muddled goodness) is $4! Yes $4!!! That alone should get you in their door.
  5. Brix chips ($6.95 during happy hour) is ridiculous and everyone should eat it at least once if they are there (verde roasted pork shoulder / baked cheddar / grilled tomato salsa / cilantro cream / tortilla chips)
  6. The beer braised chicken wings are also great but I would pass on their calamari
  7. If you like the ingredients in their martinis but not the liquor it’s paired with just substitute your favorite one! I had them use house infused chili pepper vodka in the martini that originally called for tequila. I had about 3 of those babies called the “amante picante” using pepper vodka, mixed with fresh cucumber and lemon.  I also tried the “zesty mango” and I sampled their cinnamon infused whiskey which I liked and I normally can’t say that about whiskey.
  8. The bartenders rock! It can get busy but they were awesome and are super helpful if you have questions about the menu and drinks. They even let us try a sample of a couple martinis to help us decide our next pick. They may even let you order a few extra in advance before happy hour ends
  9. When we closed out our bill for happy hour, we ate 4-5  food items and about 9 or 10 drinks and it was about $77. Give or take. I can’t remember exactly but I know we had a good time!

I’m not sure what else to say about this place.  I really liked it and I’ll definitely come back.  I’m especially curious to try   their weekend brunch menu which features bottomless mimosas for $9 and a variety of eggs benedicts which is my personal favorite.  Parking can always be a challenge in the Pearl but suck it up because it’s worth it in the end.


Zesty mango martini and the remains of the Brix chips

Dry chicken wings

Dry chicken wings



Address: 1338 Nw Hoyt St.

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Oh My French Fry – Part 3 At The Observatory January 7, 2013

Recap of my mission:  Sharing some of the locations with the best fries in town because it’s important to know these things!! 

Next stop: The Observatory for garlic rosemary parmesan fries ($2 happy hour).

If memory serves me correctly, we ordered 3 of these because we inhaled the first batch in no time and two just wasn’t going to be enough.

The smell of the garlic and rosemary on these fries will grab your attention immediately and pull you in to try them and before you know it, they are all gone!

I know this post is about their fries but I thought I would mention they have delicious oregano fry bread ($2 happy hour/$4 dinner) which should be used to slather their smoked whitefish spread on ($5 happy hour/$7-10 dinner) because paired together is absolutely fabulous.  Also try to get there during happy hour because the savings are huge which you can use towards tasty cocktails ($1-$5 specials during happy hour).

There is more seating in the back (The Over and Out side) which is where I’ve had to sit most of the times I’ve eaten here due to the crowds however, the menu is essentially the same.  There is just a more relaxed feel with pinball machines and pool tables gracing the open space.

Address: 8115 SE Stark Street, Portland Oregon


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Because You Only Live Once…Tempura Bacon ~ Dragonfish Asian Cafe Seattle June 27, 2012


This is on Dragonfish Asian Cafe’s happy hour menu for the ridiculous price of $2.95 so if you eat meat it is hard not to pass this up or at least have it peak your curiousity.  I happened to notice it on the menu with no intention of ordering it but pointed it out to my bf who just HAD to order it.  So of course I HAD to try it.  I’m not sure the side of sweet chili-passionfruit sauce was needed but maybe it was there to cut the salt and fat out of your mouth.  It is definitely something to be shared because let’s face it, it’s deep fried tempura bacon.  But you only live once so if you get a chance, cross it off your food bucket list to just say you did it.  It is the only reason I ever ordered a deep fried chocolate bar, twinkies and oreos. 

 Relax, not all at once. 

Location: Dragonfish Cafe 722 Pine St Seattle Washington 206.467.7777


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Henry’s Tavern ~ Gorganzola Fries November 2, 2011

Fried potatoes of any kind will forever be on my list of favorite foods followed along side with cheese.  If you’ve read my fried cheese curd entry then you will already know that I think cheese is one of the greatest things ever made.  Ever ever?  Yes, ever ever.  So when two of my favorite foods merge together in a dish it is a match made in food freak heaven.  The happy hour fries offered at Henry’s 12th Street Tavern is just that.  Waffle cut potatoes that are topped with a gorganzola cheese sauce that is deliciously creamy and somehow there is never enough of.  It is salty greasy pub fare that goes well with just about any drink they have to offer.  I prefer not to eat in the main dining area and keep to the bar side when I am there.  It’s a little noisier but a great space to watch all the beautiful people on a Friday and Saturday night.  It is happy hour menu all day Sunday too if you want cheap food that doesn’t come in a paper bag.  I got the fries and mac and cheese for $8 and both were shared.  The bar staff is friendly and I like the open area despite the challenges with getting a place to sit down late at night. 

Location: 10 NW 12th Ave Portland Oregon

Cost: Happy Hour $4
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Hawthorne Hophouse~Deep Fried Cheese Curds October 23, 2011

Cheese Curds: the solid parts of soured milk that are mild in flavor and similar firmness to regular cheese but has a slightly rubbery texture.  Fresh curds will squeak when being chewed which is why it is commonly referred to as squeaky cheese.

I think one of the best things ever created is cheese. I will admit that I’m a bit of a cheese fiend because I like them all.  Mild, stinky, crumbled, soft, hard, salty, solid, liquified and yes even the more processed variety (for grilled cheese purposes and don’t judge me!).  For this particular blog entry, I will discuss the elusive cheese curd.  They are not easily found at most markets and the fresh ones are even harder to get because “fresh” in this sense is considered made the same day.  You can tell the freshness of the curds by the squeak of the cheese. 

So now that you know how I feel about cheese,  imagine how I feel about cheese being battered and then deep fried.  I won’t lie, it’s pretty fantastic and it’s hard not to eat too many when they serve a large portion of them to you.  The Hawthorne Hophouse has them on both the happy hour and regular menu.  It’s definitely something that should be shared even though every dietician would probably advise you to stay away from them entirely.   The only thing that stopped me from consuming too many was the plate of poutine that I ordered which contained even more curds so I was bordering on cheese overload.  Not necessarily a good thing if you know what I mean.  

Overall they have better than average pub food.  The mac and cheese is creamy and dreamy and you can order it plain or try their rotating flavors.  The ciabatta bread they serve it with is butterly delicious.  My friends and I have sampled several items and all were pretty good.  The only thing I think they need to work on is their dessert menu.  The stout cake I ordered was not cake-y at all.  It was more of a thick mousse consistency which would have been ok if I ordered mousse.  Other than that, the service was decent; nothing overly friendly but nothing that would cause me to not give a good tip or come back. 

Say Cheese!!!
 Beer lovers should go on Mondays because beer flights (sampling of beers on tap) are half price. 
  • 6 beers – $3.50
  • 12 beers – $6.50
  • 24 beers – $12.00
Location: 4111 SE Hawthorne Portland Oregon 503-477-9619
Cost: Happy Hour daily 3pm to 6pm and 9pm to 12am and all day Sunday$4/ Regular menu $5

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