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Pine State Biscuits August 17, 2012

Really? Yes, really.

My childhood recollection of biscuits consist of my mom pulling out a yellow Bisquick box from the fridge and whipping up a batch and on “special nights” I got them as a side dish with a bucket of chicken from KFC.  I thought they were great until I ate one from Popeye’s and then my biscuit world turned upside down.  Yeah that’s right, I said Popeye’s.  I have no shame in confessing that because I still think they have the best biscuits from a fast food place.  But sometimes I want a homemade kind of biscuit so for that I go to Pine State which has 2 locations in Portland on Belmont and Alberta St.

My first Pine State experience happened to be while I wasn’t eating meat so I opted for a biscuit with egg and cheese.  At that time, there were only two food items on my meat kryptonite list and those happened to be fried chicken and bacon. So guess what Pine State has as their star signature biscuit-wich? It’s called the Reggie Deluxe (pictured above) It is a biscuit filled with fried chicken, bacon, a fried egg and cheese then topped with gravy. Utter ridiculousness.  The regular Reggie has no egg but it makes no sense that you wouldn’t just add it if you’re going to eat all those calories anyways.  I was half tempted to order one in my weakened state of exposure to a double dose of meat kryptonite but I knew my stomach going on 10 years of meatlessness would put up a protest and I’d pay a terrible price afterwards so I stayed away from the Reggie.  I already knew how amazing it was gonna be just by the description alone.

The biscuits range in price from $4 for a basic egg and cheese all the way up to $8 for the Reggie Deluxe.  They also offer hashes and several Southern sides to choose from.  I would definitely recommend their fried green tomatoes.  They don’t offer a whole lot of seating and the wait time can be long during their busy times but no one seems to care much because it’s completely expected.

I guess I should mention they were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri since my out-of-town friends like me to point out places that have been featured on The Food Network or The Travel Channel.


Locations: 3640 SE Belmont Portland Oregon 503.236.3346

2204 NE Alberta St Portland Oregon 503.477.6605

Cost: Biscuit with Egg and Cheese $4/Hash Browns $2.50

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Lola’s Doughnuts September 20, 2010



Mmmm doughnuts


So how does a Portlander hear about these magical doughnuts from Seattle?  Easy! Damn you (again) Food Network Channel!!! 

I first heard about Lola from a show called “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” which is a segment that asks famous Food Network  personalities what their favorite foods are and where to find them.  So who else but Giada De laurentiis, who doesn’t even look like she eats, mentions these made-to-order doughnuts from Seattle.  She is raving about them to the point that I find myself transfixed to the television and thinking Seattle is only 3 hours away so these doughnuts are technically within my reach.  I mean it’s not like I have to travel to France for them right?

Months pass and finally an opportunity presents itself with a weekend trip to Seattle with some friends from Vancouver.  My friends had a few places they wanted to go see but the only thing on my list was LOLA’S!!   It was on day 2 that we finally made it there. 

The doughnuts arrived in a white paper bag, ready to be shaken tableside so every portion gets coated with a cinnamon sugar mixture. They look more like beignets since they have no “hole” in the middle which is even better since there is more to eat!  They come with an accompaniment of 2 sauces that I’m assuming changes seasonally because although we both got vanilla marscapone cheese, Giada got cranberry while I got huckleberry sauce.  So were they worth the trip?  In one word, YES! Oh my goodness…they are really freaking good.  Light and airy pillows of dough that are just out of the fryer warm made for a fantastic treat.  I’m almost glad they are 3 hours away because I would be there every week if Lola’s was closer. 

Location:  2000 W. 4th ave.  Seattle Washington

Cost: I don’t remember, they could have charged me $20 and I wouldn’t argue with them.  Yes it’s that good!


~Doughnut dreams do come true ~

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