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Falafel Addiction ~ Cedo’s March 1, 2013

Sometimes you have to park further away from your intended destination to find falafel heaven.  True story!


Falafel appetizer ($6)

It happened to me as I was walking back to my car after an appointment and then the smell hit me…the spices used in Middle Eastern cuisine was drawing me closer to Cedo’s and I so wished I was hungry enough to order something because it smelled sooooo good! I remember reading something on the exterior of the building that said they had the best gyros and fresh falafels were made daily.  The latter is what I wanted and I’m glad I went back the next day to try it out. The falafel balls are crisp on the outside and not dry at all on the inside. Very flavorful and distinctly different from most falafels I’ve had so they are putting something else in there which sets theirs apart from the rest (no, I don’t have a clue what it could be, maybe crack but I’m not sure). They serve it with quite possibly the best spicy chunky sauce I’ve had which I’m hoping they sell but I keep forgetting to ask. (I finally remembered to ask and it’s $5 for a small container). The potatoes are ridiculously good but I have no idea what spices were on them. I was particularly hungry when I ordered that side item and didn’t bother to get a good look at them before devouring them. Hey, it happens. They are super nice too!  The line and wait can be somewhat long (10-15 min) so if you are in a rush call ahead.  My food is always ready when I walk in and still hot when I get back to work to eat it.

Thank you Cedo’s, you make a mighty fine falafel ball.  I’ll even go so far as to say they are the best ones I’ve had yet.

Address: 3901 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland, OR 97212  (503) 719-7344

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Falafel sandwich with a side of potatoes ($9)


Falafel sandwich ($8)


Fat Kitty Falafel September 6, 2010

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Falafel: Fried balls of chickpeas and/or fava beans which can be eaten alone or served with flat bread. 

I’m assuming this cart’s name was inspired by the owner Al’s cat who is grossly overweight.  His plus sized feline was a topic of conversation one day and I just put 2 and 2 together.  I’m smart like that. 

There is nothing fancy about the way he makes his falafel wrap, it is straight forward simple but every component is fresh and delicious.  Falafel is a dish that can easily turn bad if the bread is too dry or the chickpeas are fried too long.  I’ve had both types of failures and it is very difficult to finish eating your meal if one part of the wrap is dried out.  The problem with most “to go” falafel places is they make them ahead of time and they dry up like rice cakes or they over fry them and suck all the moisture out.  But the owner of Fat Kitty makes them fresh to order and has never over cooked one yet.  The flatbread is always soft and the veggies are never past their prime.  He offers a variety of sauces and I always opt for the spicy one. 

Part of the draw of coming to this cart is talking to the Al who is quite the character.  He can talk you up about anything and everything.  I know random things about him like his cat needs medication and has more medical coverage than him and that he is friends with Tyler Florence from the Food Network.  I’ve stood there long after getting my meal, knowing with each minute it grows colder because I’m still wrapped up in a conversation with him.  He makes the whole experience worth coming back for.  Killer falafel and interesting chit chat is what you get at Fat Kitty.

Location: Currently on E 7th and Burnside

Cost: $5 make you holla.