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The Scotch Egg ~ Happy Hour At The Thirty Lion October 26, 2013

Who thinks these crazy things up?

Who thinks these crazy things up?

Oh the Scotch egg.  It’s a hard-boiled egg that’s been wrapped in pork sausage, then breaded and deep-fried.  No one should really eat it right?  It’s curiously delicious.  I wasn’t sure after my first bite but I kept going in for more and within a few minutes, I ended up eating my portion of it.  For $3.95 how could you not try it out?


  • Happy hour is 3 pm-7 pm (M-F).  I love happy hours that go past 6 pm!
  • Happy hour food is $3.95 to $5.95
  • Pints/well drinks $3.50-4.00
  • I don’t know if I ever needed to eat the Scotch egg (pictured above) but I’m glad I tried something new in food adventure land.


  • It’s located downtown and I hate paying for and looking for parking.  They also have a location in Tigard which is completely out of my way but I’m sure parking is better there.
  • Food is meh but it does the job.  We tried the beer fondue and pretzel, caesar salad and calamari.
  • Plenty of seating!


Location: 71 SW 2nd Avenue Portland, OR 97204


Happiest of Happy Hours ~ Brix Tavern April 8, 2013

Amante Picante with spicy Vodka

Amante Picante with spicy Vodka

Brix Chips

Brix Chips

My first time at Brix was fantastic!  Here are the highlights and good things to know…I apologize for the mediocre photos, I was too busy eating and drinking to focus 🙂

  1. Monday is all day happy hour which is usually the day we need it most (3 pm to close)
  2. Early happy hour is 3 pm to 6:30 pm  everyday
  3. Late happy hour is 9:30 pm to 12 am Sunday through Thursday (no happy hour cocktails Fri and Sat night)
  4. Martinis (with infused liquors and muddled goodness) is $4! Yes $4!!! That alone should get you in their door.
  5. Brix chips ($6.95 during happy hour) is ridiculous and everyone should eat it at least once if they are there (verde roasted pork shoulder / baked cheddar / grilled tomato salsa / cilantro cream / tortilla chips)
  6. The beer braised chicken wings are also great but I would pass on their calamari
  7. If you like the ingredients in their martinis but not the liquor it’s paired with just substitute your favorite one! I had them use house infused chili pepper vodka in the martini that originally called for tequila. I had about 3 of those babies called the “amante picante” using pepper vodka, mixed with fresh cucumber and lemon.  I also tried the “zesty mango” and I sampled their cinnamon infused whiskey which I liked and I normally can’t say that about whiskey.
  8. The bartenders rock! It can get busy but they were awesome and are super helpful if you have questions about the menu and drinks. They even let us try a sample of a couple martinis to help us decide our next pick. They may even let you order a few extra in advance before happy hour ends
  9. When we closed out our bill for happy hour, we ate 4-5  food items and about 9 or 10 drinks and it was about $77. Give or take. I can’t remember exactly but I know we had a good time!

I’m not sure what else to say about this place.  I really liked it and I’ll definitely come back.  I’m especially curious to try   their weekend brunch menu which features bottomless mimosas for $9 and a variety of eggs benedicts which is my personal favorite.  Parking can always be a challenge in the Pearl but suck it up because it’s worth it in the end.


Zesty mango martini and the remains of the Brix chips

Dry chicken wings

Dry chicken wings



Address: 1338 Nw Hoyt St.

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Barista Hot Chocolate ~ Valrhona Hot Chocolate Mocha May 22, 2011

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Ohhh my…this is chocolate decadence in liquid form.  The Valrhona mocha comes in either an 8 or 12 ounce cup size.  I can’t imagine drinking more than that because it is such a rich drink.  Vahlrona is a French chocolate manufacturer and they are known for a higher grade luxury chocolate so you are in for something special if you order this. 

Most places will use a standard chocolate sauce to make their mochas and then top it with whip cream and maybe a dusting of chocolate powder to make it all pretty.  I just knew Barista wasn’t going to go that route.  I watched the staff person reach for a glass jar on a nearby shelf and he started putting chocolate chunks directly in a cup.  Oh yes, their process is melting the chunks with warm milk into liquid chocolatey heaven.  No whip and no sprinkles are needed.  It’s rich on its own and for the first time I went against my normal non fat milk choice and went for whole milk just to enhance the chocolate experience.  Their menu states there is 20 grams of 61% bittersweet chocolate per 8 ounce cup.  This is not a sweet beverage so don’t expect it to taste like the hot chocolate most people are all accustomed to.  But if you like dark chocolate then you will appreciate this version.  It’s indulgent, decadent and probably 500 calories but you won’t be thinking about that when you drink it. 

Location: Barista on 1725 NE Alberta St

Cost: $4.50 for 8 ounces

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Afrique Bistro – No No No April 23, 2011

There are so many great places to eat around town but from time to time I get a clear jolt of reality and I’m reminded of the sh*tty places too.  You guessed it, Afrique Bistro is one of them!  This is a save your money and let me rant review of this place just because it needs to be done.  I was so mad at my last visit here that I created a Yelp account and reviewed the damn place.  I read somewhere that the owner also has another restaurant called The Queen of Sheba so if you eat there you are probably keeping this god forsaken place open.  In any event, here is what I posted on Yelp pretty much verbatim:

I’ve been here twice and shame on me for going that many times. The only reason I’ve ever gone to Afrique was because the wait at Toro Bravo was an hour and a half and there was some time to kill. It was however, my latest visit that convinced me that I’ll never set foot in this “restaurant” ever again. Ever? Yes ever!!! 

Each time we had to seat ourselves. No one greeted us or said hi. Strange considering there was only a couple other people in the place each time I’ve been there.  One person was working at the bar and “restaurant” area and they just seemed so unhappy which showed in their customer service or should I say lack there of.

We ordered 2 appetizers: chicken wings and yam fries. That took about 45 min to get to our table. The fries were black. No, not Cajun style. It was burned. If you don’t believe me, I will post a picture on here. I couldn’t believe they chose to serve these instead of making a new batch. The wings according to my friend were good but she was super hungry.

They had Alicia Key’s CD playing the entire time we ate there. I like her music and all but seriously her whole debut album played while we were there. We only ordered 2 appetizers and 1 round of drinks. Yeah, seriously it took that long.

We paid and not a thank you or a good-bye were said. I can’t believe this place is still open. Unbelievable.



Seriously they served this!


Location: I’m not providing it because you shouldn’t go!

Cost: 2 appetizers, 3 drinks and shitty service about $40

Afrique Bistro on Urbanspoon


Halloween Drink : Blavod Of Course! October 31, 2010

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Blavod pronounced blah-vod is a black vodka that I just had to try and it has become one of my favorite vodkas on the market.  The color derives from black catech which is extracted from the heartwood of Burmese catechu acacia trees. 

This vodka makes very smooth drinks and the taste is subtle yet distinct when used with other mixers. Here are two drinks to try out for Halloween.

Black Widow

1.5 oz Blavod vodka

3 oz cranberry

Pretty isn’t it? For a stronger taste do equal parts of each (my personal preference).  Garnish with lime slice on top.  Pour ice in highball glass.  Pour in cranberry and float in the Blavod.

Black Cosmo (makes one martini)

2 oz Blavod vodka

2 oz cranberry juice

1 oz triple sec

1 oz sweetened lime

Use a martini shaker filled with ice then shake shake shake pour pour pour and voila a beautiful black martini.  Serve in a chilled glass. Garnish with lime. 

Enjoy muahahaha…..


Black WidowBlack Cosmopolitan


Black Cosmopolitan