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Food Pic Friday ~ Winner Winner Chicken Dinner November 8, 2013

Food pic Friday: Random photos of food or drinks I make or put together at home because for some reason I can’t eat out all the time

photo (7)


I love crispy chicken skin and I’ve been known to make my own sauces, dry rubs and breadcrumb mixtures for it but I took the easy way out and used Progresso Italian breadcrumbs for this dinner.  No egg mixture needed, just moistened with water and coated skin side down for 20 min at 375 degrees then I flipped it over for another 20-25 minutes.

Potatoes were pan fried with onions, diced sweet peppers and seasoned with salt and pepper,  then tossed with fresh rosemary, spicy oregano and fresh garlic for the last few minutes.  Zucchini was tossed in olive oil and fresh basil then salted with Murray river finishing salt at the end.


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