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Oh My Poulet ~ Cocotte April 26, 2013

Hen. Honey. Dish. Chick. Harlot.

Those are just some of the translations of the word Cocotte. Brilliant right? I took the bf out for dinner there recently to celebrate his birthday and it was a wonderful experience.

Our server came by to take our drink order shortly after being seated in an intimate corner but nothing really stood out for me.  My favorite beverage, vodka, was not listed on any of their signature drinks so I needed some coaxing into trying something else. The server recommended the “Mère” ($9) made with Hendricks Gin, Dubonnet Rouge and Lemon (London Late 19th Century).  He had a nice bearded face that I could trust so my normal vodka drink was swapped out for gin and I actually liked it.



The bf ordered the “Biter” ($9) made with Beefeater Gin, Cheartruse Vert, Lemon Juice and Home Made Absinthe Bitters (London Early 20th Century).  That drink was like jet fuel.  Wow! Needless to say he got a buzz from the Biter.

Part of the reason I picked this place was the French inspired menu because the bf has never eaten escargot in his life so I had to change that and we both love foie gras so indulgence had to be repeated when given the opportunity.

I’ve had escargot a couple of times but it was never served like this! Their escargot ($9) was topped on house made brioche and garlic & leek pistou. The color took me by surprise as it is a bright green but it was fresh and very flavorful.



We also ordered the sonoma county foie gras ($13) which is pan roasted with balsamic, house brioche, berry dressed fennel salad and almond butter.  There were so many flavors and textures going on that every bite was different yet the same, that being delicious.

Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Both our appetizers were fantastic and we still had our main orders to look forward to. The bf ordered the pan-roasted lamb leg ($24) with ragoût of flageolet bean with boudin blanc & foie gras, meyer lemon purée, spring shoots & boquerones .  He polished the entire plate off so that says something right?

Lamb Leg

Lamb Leg

I decided to order the poulet en cocotte ($25) because I had to see what all the fuss was about after reading reviews stating this dish can sell out before the night was over. Their chicken is a half bird preparation of pan roasted breast, confit leg, farro risotto with seasonal produce, chicken demi-glace and a slow poached egg.  This dish is bomb!  The confit melts in your mouth and everything was cooked perfectly. The breast was still moist and we even noticed the pearl onions were still crisp yet cooked throughout.  I even ate the radishes on top and I don’t care for radishes.  Seriously ridiculous delicious.  I couldn’t finish it off so the small portion I had left was boxed up after the server and my bf suggested that I could make breakfast with it the next day.  I wasn’t sure that was possible but I took it anyways because I had to try and eat it the following day.  FYI, I made the best tasting omelet of it for Sunday brunch.

My only regret is not saving enough room for dessert.  Lucky for us that they gave us madeleines to go so you can enjoy it later.  Nice touch Cocotte!

I love this place. It’s cozy and charming with fantastic staff to help you along the way in deciding what to try.  The prices are reasonable for French food (dare I say cheaper than I thought) and the portions were ample.  There is nothing more I hate than to going out to eat, dropping good money yet walking out still hungry.  Trust me, it shouldn’t happen here!


Poulet en Cocotte


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