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Food Pic Friday ~ Healthy! Murgh Makhani aka Butter Chicken April 19, 2013

Food pic Friday: Random photos of food or drinks I make or put together at home because for some reason I can’t eat out all the time

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

I love love love Indian food! Here is a healthier version of murgh makhani (butter chicken) that I found online and let me tell you it is fiery and delicious! Bal’s no butter chicken recipe is found here:

I did make a couple changes to the recipe after reading a few reviews. I didn’t use grape seed oil and used canola instead. I also added an extra tbsp of tomato paste and adding more “sauce” (water or broth mixed with yogurt). I whisked the hot water and yogurt (I used Greek) mixture along with a few pinches of garam masala for flavor but I don’t think I needed to do that because the flavors are intense. I blended the two ingredients before adding to the pan to prevent any curdling.

I did not change any of the spice amounts and I don’t think I would in the future when I make it again. It is spicy and I can take a lot of heat in my food but I was sweating a bit (which I like) so if you think a green pepper is spicy you should probably stay away from this recipe!


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