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Food Pic Friday ~ Hot Monkey Vodka March 29, 2013

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Food pic Friday: Random photos of food or drinks I make or put together at home because for some reason I can’t eat out all the time

hot monkey

Oh, I loooove spicy vodka! I’ve done homemade infusions but sometimes I just can’t wait 5 days for it so this is when Hot Monkey enters the picture. Unfortunately, it’s a local distillery so it will be harder to find outside of Portland. There is 5 Southwestern-style chili peppers that make this seriously hot but also flavorful without being just a hot pepper flavor. It burns going down (but a good burn) with a mix so if you try it straight be prepared for a little pain and coughing. I did. Just take a tiny sip to minimize the surprise.

It is my favorite spicy vodka and the picture above is a mix of Hot Monkey and Ginger beer (not real beer) which has a kick as well so this drink packs a double punch. I also like Hot Monkey with Limeade (add muddled berries for something different).



2 Responses to “Food Pic Friday ~ Hot Monkey Vodka”

  1. Anestasia Says:

    I love spicy food but not on a liquor one. Its really appetizing for me for the food but not on a vodka.

    • It can be very spicy but I’ve had several martinis/cocktails that have been toned down quite a bit so it is very tolerable to most palettes (most involve fruit juices like mango or apricot).

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