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Retrolicious ~ Mac & Cheese Please! September 20, 2012

The Green Castle food carts located on NE 20th and Fremont are back in business after disappearing for a while (issues with those pesky city permits) and now features some new carts that will definitely catch your attention.  Retrolicious was just one of those carts I was instantly drawn to.  It’s bright pink, shiny and the design on their cart is totally mid-century stylish (my fav).  They don’t post a menu online or on their cart so the mystery made me all the more interested in trying them out because they take comfort food  then add a modern twist to it.  The menu changes so you’ll just have to follow them on social media or walk up to their chalk board and try to decide what to have.

I really wanted to try chicken and waffles but I wasn’t quite in the mood for the waffle part so I went straight for one of my childhood favorites and ordered their version of mac and cheese.  Their modern twist is made with pimento cheese, kale (to make us think it’s healthy) and a sprinkling of potato chip gratin which is totally awesome.

As I waited for my order at the table, I had second thoughts that I may have ordered the wrong item because I didn’t think I had enough food because I was thinking it was a side order size.  Boy was I wrong.  The weight of the box was downright heavy for food and I knew I needed help eating it before even opening the box.  I had a couple of co-workers there to help me out but they are both on again off again weight watcher people so I knew the dent in the food wouldn’t be much.  The mac and cheese was quite delicious.  Not the creamiest of types which one of my co-worker noted as she prefers that kind but I really liked this version and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Perhaps that was the feeling of bloating but for about 15 minutes I was in food heaven.  I would definitely order this again and bring along a small family to help me consume it.  It literally is one of the best and worst things I could put in my body.  I think it took me 3 days to finally finish it along with some more outside help.

The owner of this cart came out to check on our meals and was as nice as could be.  I told her I wanted just the fried chicken next time and she told me she has a chicken wing dish she could whip up if I called ahead.  SCORE.  And I will no doubt be calling soon!  Retrolicious has a stamp card too so you earn a free meal after purchasing 1o lunch entrees which is basically unheard of anymore even for coffee shops.  Bravo retrolicious.  You are even radder now!

Top 10 list of the best/worst thing ever

Website: Find them on Facebook or Twitter.  They are mobile now so their location is ever changing.  Their phone number is 541-409-9271

Cost: lunch meals all under $10.  The mac and cheese was $5


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