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Because You Only Live Once…Tempura Bacon ~ Dragonfish Asian Cafe Seattle June 27, 2012


This is on Dragonfish Asian Cafe’s happy hour menu for the ridiculous price of $2.95 so if you eat meat it is hard not to pass this up or at least have it peak your curiousity.  I happened to notice it on the menu with no intention of ordering it but pointed it out to my bf who just HAD to order it.  So of course I HAD to try it.  I’m not sure the side of sweet chili-passionfruit sauce was needed but maybe it was there to cut the salt and fat out of your mouth.  It is definitely something to be shared because let’s face it, it’s deep fried tempura bacon.  But you only live once so if you get a chance, cross it off your food bucket list to just say you did it.  It is the only reason I ever ordered a deep fried chocolate bar, twinkies and oreos. 

 Relax, not all at once. 

Location: Dragonfish Cafe 722 Pine St Seattle Washington 206.467.7777


Dragonfish Asian Cafe on Urbanspoon


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