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Ladies and Gentleman….Let Me Introduce You To The “Totcho” May 22, 2012

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“Totcho” ~ Part tater tot…part nacho and 100% evil. 

Yes it’s a deep fried, artery clogging, sodium packed concoction that is also deliciously addicting and I would order again in a second.  It’s something eaten when accompanied with plenty of drinking anyways because common sense would dictate you should stay the f*ck away from this dish. 

So is it wrong we ordered two? (Hold that thought)

I’m not sure a thank you is in order but there is a mad genius at work at Blitz Sports Bar for putting this on the menu and introducing it’s patrons to this pile of deep fried excess.  There definitely was a sense of post eating regret after this dish but it’s not really something that crosses your mind while you’re eating it so enjoy that moment while it lasts.  It’s a dish that is so bad for you that you won’t soon forget it and I’m sure I will order it again to use up my other coupon I bought for Blitz. 

The overall service at Blitz Ladd was just barely ok.  It got  spotty as the night wore on but the bartenders were always friendly and polite even though we had to wave them down to order more drinks.  The healthier side of their menu needs a bit of work though.  We ordered  a Mediteranean salad consisting of feta, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives tossed with a vinagrette dressing and it was disappointing.  We picked all the fixings out of it and left the shredded iceberg lettuce (really?) on the plate.  Our mistake for trying to balance something fat with something healthy.  Lesson learned, never again!! 

There are a few Blitz bars around town so you may not have to travel long distances to enjoy this plate of evil. 


Cost: $7 on the regular menu but it’s offered on their Happy Hour for less

Blitz Ladd on Urbanspoon


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