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A Waffle Like No Other…The Liege Waffle ~The Waffle Window May 6, 2012


Seasonal Peach Strawberry Waffle

Liege Waffle: Named after the city of Liege in Eastern Brussels.  This waffle is dough based rather than batter based which creates a denser and chewier waffle than the traditional variety.  It is also smaller in size and sweeter in nature due to the incorporation of pearl sugar in the dough.  Once baked, the sugar creates a hint of caramelization on the outside and crunchy bits of sweetness in the inside. 

I tend to develop food snobbery from time to time only after eating something so good at one place that I can’t go back to what I’ve had previously had at other establishments.  It’s happened with coffee and calamari and now it’s happened with waffles.  Yes waffles!  A regular waffle will no longer do.  Only a liege style waffle will satisfy my waffle cravings because they are simply the best I’ve ever had.  The Gaufre Gourmet food cart introduced me to them and now I’m forever hooked. 

My friend from Vancouver Canada was in town recently and wanted to check out the Gaufre cart but it was closed on the last 2 days of her trip here.  I happened to introduce her to these waffles the last time I was visiting Canada and she wanted some during her visit here.   The prospect of eating a liege waffle seemed unlikely until we spent her last day walking down the streets of Hawthorne and spotted the Waffle Window.  We were happily surprised that they served the magical liege waffles!  I’ve heard about this place and walked by it many times but never stopped to take a look at their menu until now. 

My friend opted for the Guittard dark chocolate dipped waffle and I decided to try their seasonal peach and strawberry waffle drizzled with lime curd and strawberry sauce then topped with whipped cream.  Sounds pretty fantastic doesn’t it?  The chocolate dipped one was pretty rich and I don’t think I could  eat the whole thing by myself in one sitting.  I did, however, manage to polish off the fruit one with relative ease and I wasn’t even hungry.  They have a great selection of waffle toppings and they get them out pretty quickly.  The only thing they could improve on is yelling your order out louder since the outside seating picnic tables are far enough away that you can barely hear them. 

Location: 3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd 503.239.4756


Cost:  Chocolate dipped $3.00  Peach/Strawberry around $4.00

The Waffle Window on Urbanspoon

Chocolate Waffle


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