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Oh My Peanut Butter Pie ~ Pacific Pie Company March 22, 2012

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Best peanut butter pie I've ever eaten

I’ve never been a big peanut butter pie fan and I’m not sure why.  I love peanut butter and anything with a good crust but it’s taken over 30 years for a pb pie to blow me away.  I’ve tried some homemade and restaurant ones and none of them left me really craving for more.  In fact, I remember one occasion where I turned down dessert when I found out it was a pb pie.  Anyone who knows me well will not believe this story but I assure you that it is true.  I am completely capable of turning down dessert.  It doesn’t happen often which is why I remember that particular day.  Well those days of over looking  pb pie are over now thanks to the Pacific Pie Company. 

Their version is the best I’ve ever had.  Period.  Hands down. End of story.  I shouldn’t be too surprised because they make some great food in both the savoury and sweet department.  Another reason to love them is their dedication to obtaining local and sustainable ingredients without a preservative in sight.  Yay!  I’ve  planned my work week around buying it so I could enjoy it with another coworker who also shares a love for it.  They do offer delivery service through another company if you are so inclined but there is a charge depending on the distance travelled. It’s a nice option to keep in mind but I’ve never used it to know the pricing for it. 

Ok, so back to the pie….It’s the one menu item that I will always go back to and the one that satisfies my sweet cravings.  I’ve tried to buy other desserts just to check them all off my food list but if I stare at the dessert case long enough I can’t resist buying it.  It’s like crack in dessert form and I won’t get my “fix” by anything else with the same amount of pleasure.  The topping is a chocolaty layer with bits of peanuts in it and the the crust is a standard graham variety.  It is the middle section that makes this amazing and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever had.  It is not too overpowering in peanut flavor and not dense at all.  It has a silky texture that is so smooth and creamy but not too rich that you won’t be able to inhale the whole thing in a few minutes.  My coworkers and I haven’t been able to figure out what the main ingredient in middle section is yet.  Cream cheese?  Sour cream?  Whipped cream? Fluff?  I have no idea.  We have our theories but I know if we tried to re-create it that it wouldn’t  match the original so why bother.  Pacific pie doesn’t charge a lot for pie heaven.

Location: 1520 SE 7th Ave, Portland OR 97215   Phone 503.381.6157


Cost: $4.50-ish (I’m the worst at remembering details like this, I only care about the pie)

Pacific Pie Company on Urbanspoon


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