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Henry’s Tavern ~ Gorganzola Fries November 2, 2011

Fried potatoes of any kind will forever be on my list of favorite foods followed along side with cheese.  If you’ve read my fried cheese curd entry then you will already know that I think cheese is one of the greatest things ever made.  Ever ever?  Yes, ever ever.  So when two of my favorite foods merge together in a dish it is a match made in food freak heaven.  The happy hour fries offered at Henry’s 12th Street Tavern is just that.  Waffle cut potatoes that are topped with a gorganzola cheese sauce that is deliciously creamy and somehow there is never enough of.  It is salty greasy pub fare that goes well with just about any drink they have to offer.  I prefer not to eat in the main dining area and keep to the bar side when I am there.  It’s a little noisier but a great space to watch all the beautiful people on a Friday and Saturday night.  It is happy hour menu all day Sunday too if you want cheap food that doesn’t come in a paper bag.  I got the fries and mac and cheese for $8 and both were shared.  The bar staff is friendly and I like the open area despite the challenges with getting a place to sit down late at night. 

Location: 10 NW 12th Ave Portland Oregon

Cost: Happy Hour $4
Henry's 12th Street Tavern on Urbanspoon


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