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Poutine in Portland at The Hawthorne Hophouse August 9, 2011

French fries.  Brown gravy.  Cheese curds.  Simply amazing if you ask me.  I grew up in Canada eating this carb-tastic creation and was shocked that it was nowhere to be found when I moved to the USA in the early 1990’s.  My new stateside friends gawked at the sight of me dipping my fries in brown gravy so I knew that had no clue what poutine was.  Poo what? Was their response.  Yeah, they had no idea what they were missing out on. 

Good anytime of day

I’m happy to report that this dish now popping up in more and more restaurants menus around town.  I’ve had good, bad and so-so ones but so far the best I’ve had in Portland is at the Hawthorne Hophouse.  The bonus is their gravy is vegetarian and it tastes so good that the carnivores won’t even notice. They hand cut their fries and top them with a generous portion of curds and gravy. 

Location: 4111 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard Portland, OR 97214  – (503) 477-9619

Website: www.

Cost: Happy hour $4/$6 small/$8 large

Hawthorne Hop House on Urbanspoon


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