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The Best Bread Pudding in Portland and Quite Possibly The World June 1, 2011


That’s right I said it.  The best in the world!  Well at least in Portland Oregon.  The Sapphire Hotel’s version of bread pudding is the best I’ve ever eaten (sorry mom) and until my dream of travelling around the world and eating every kind of bread pudding there is to try then my statement will hold true.  The bread that they use is a cinnamon sugar variety that is so light and airy. It is topped with spiced rum caramel sauce, whip cream and candied walnuts.  It is simply amazing.  The size is large enough to share with another person if you so choose.  I normally dislike sharing desserts but they offer such a large portion that in this particular instance it’s ok in my book.

An extra added bonus is the Sapphire is one of my favorite places in town.  The menu (pictured below) has three words written on it that should be my motto for life.  Eat Drink Kiss.  Brilliant isn’t it?  It is a cozy spot to have happy hour or a late night drink.  Just be aware that the later you stay… the more PDA!!  There are couples making out wherever you turn. Ugh.  I know their menu says “kiss” on it but prolonged exposure to watching PDA can ruin a good vodka high.  I wouldn’t know this personally though, I heard it from a friend 🙂  If you want to be distracted from it all,  might I suggest turning your attention to the lovely bar staff and you’ll forget all about the smug couples that surround you.  Tristan and Kyle are my favorites and although Tristan is currently not there I am holding hope that he returns to Portland and resumes his job there.  If you’ve ever had a chance to talk to him you’ll know why.  Yes, he is that nice and he made going there that much better. 

But in the meantime, try the bread pudding.  You won’t be disappointed. 

***Update: The bread pudding goes on a seasonal change and the one I’m referring to is the fall/winter variety.  They need to stop this kind of nonsense.  Keep this one on the menu and add another for seasonal ingredients but don’t get rid of what is clearly the superior tasting one entirely***


Words to live by...

Location: 5008 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland Oregon 97215

Cost: $7



Sapphire Hotel on Urbanspoon


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