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Benny Breakfast at Habit April 12, 2011

I rarely eat eggs benedicts in Portland but I’m almost sure to order it during my periodic visits to Vancouver BC.  I guess it’s a vacation treat for me that I seek out and enjoy each time I’m there. 

My friend took me to Habit Lounge on Main Street for brunch and I liked everything about it.  This place has a modern yet very 70’s feel to it…carpet on the walls and if memory serves a padded vinyl bar and paintings I expect to find in thrift stores.  I was too distracted with the World Cup playing on the flat screen but I remember liking the overall vibe there.  The service was good despite some of the comments I’ve read about it but it wasn’t too busy when we were there.  I ordered the roasted tomato, basil and chevre benedict and it was great.  The fried potatoes were delicious and not greasy at all.  Definitely a place I would eat at again. 

Location: 2610 Main Street East Van

Cost: $10 plus HST  (harmonized sales tax) which is a bullshit 12%


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