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Apizza Scholls March 27, 2011

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Best pizza in P-town

  • When I first went to Apizza (pronounced ah-beetz) Scholls many, many years ago there were a few things that stood out to me:
  • 1. Take out was not an option; sit down only
  • 2. They were open 4 hours a day/5 days a week (M-F)
  • 3. If they ran out of dough they closed even earlier
  • 4. There are limitations to the number of toppings you could have on your pie (no more than 3 toppings total and no more than 2 meats per pie). 
  • 5.  The wait could be hours and everyone knew it.  They also knew that if #3 happened they were shit out of luck. 
  • Fortunately, some things have changed, notably #1 (there are still some restrictions though.  You have to walk in and order it and that option is only available Monday through Wednesday) and #2 on that list (they are now open everyday, 4 hours on Sunday and a whopping 4.5 hours the rest of the days).  Everything else is still the same.  I hate to say it but the owner could make us all stand on one foot the entire time we wait on a table and I think we wouldn’t question it.  Why?  Because the pizza is that phenomenal and all of us in the know would do just about anything for it.  He knows it, how could he not? We stand patiently outside well before it even opens because the line will snake it’s way down the street if we don’t.  Yes, it can appear utterly ridiculous and yet it is completely normal.  We comply happily with whatever rules are thrown at us and we will wait however long we have to because in the end, we all know it is worth it. 

I’ve only eaten the “Margo”rita pizza, their version of the classic Margherita pie made with tomato sauce, whole milk and fresh mozza, pecorino romano, fresh garlic, olive oil and basil.   They make their dough by hand daily and allow it to slowly ferment for 24 hours which explains why they sometimes run out.  The process makes for the most unbelievable crust this side of Italy.  Crispy~charred~chewy goodness that I would stand on one foot for. 


Location: 4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland Oregon

Cost: “Margo”rita $20



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