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Vietnamese Crispy Crepe March 9, 2011

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Sometimes you discover a dish because a passing waiter brings it to a nearby table and the sight, smell or sizzling sound of it makes you change your order immediately.  The Vietnamese crispy crepe or Banh Xeo was that dish for me.  The sheer size of the greens and crepe itself will attract onlookers.  I’ve tried this at a couple of spots but my favorite place to get this is at Pho Van.  They offer more greens and fillers than other places so I never leave feeling hungry. 

The super thin crepe is made of rice flour with a hint of turmeric and stuffed with shrimp or pork.  I ask them for tofu and they usually fill it with a half block (way too much for me but I appreciate how much they offer).  There is also mung beans, bean sprouts and onions with the option of adding cilantro, basil and lettuce off to the side.  Fantastic!














Location: 1919 Southeast 82nd Avenue Portland Oregon but there are additional locations around town. 

Cost: $8.25

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