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Try This: Deep Fried Pickles February 23, 2011

I can eat all of this which is wrong

Everything is better fried right? It has to be because I don’t even like pickles; I normally pick them out of my sandwiches or burgers but somehow I can manage eating a basket of fried ones anytime.  Ahh the magic of batter and oil.  I had no idea pickles could taste so good.  I am a fan of this southern creation and I normally crave them late at night so my go to spot is happy hour at Ram Restaurant.  They serve them with both a spicy and ranch dipping sauce.  The batter also contains Cajun spices so that adds a nice flavor if you don’t like the accompanying sauces.  I like Ram’s version because they are not heavily battered and they still maintain a light and crisp coating. Sometimes, the service is spotty or downright rude in the bar area but the bartenders have always been nice the times I’ve gone.  It would be nice if the restaurant was open later but they close fairly early given the burb location. 

Location: Ram Restaurant 11860 SE 82nd Ave. Happy Valley Oregon

Cost: $3

Ram Restaurant & Brewery on Urbanspoon


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