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Chickpea Sandwich at Garden State February 17, 2011

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My first food order from this cart were the chickpea fries which I instantly fell in love with so naturally I had to try the sandwich counterpart and it certainly does not disappoint.

The sandwich is made using a ciabatta roll then a fried garbanzo patty is placed inside along with lettuce, lemon aioli, butternut squash and a carrot slaw.  There is sweetness from the carrots and tartness from the aioli which plays well together.  A very well constructed veggie friendly sandwich that carnivores and vegetarians alike will enjoy.  Very filling but it may be a little chickpea overkill when paired up w/ the fries.  I suggest getting the fried risotto ball instead or pick up some regular fries from the falafel place a few carts over. 

I also want to add that Garden State is one of the only carts in the Mississippi pod that is consistently open during the rainy months.  We Oregonians still need to eat!!!  I see a lot of carts closing up early or not opening at all when the crowds are not favorable. I’ve come to Garden State on miserable cold and wet days and they are still making food for the handful of people waiting in the rain.   The other carts should just close up until spring and put a sign up if they are not willing to open in the rain. Geez.  It freaking rains here 4 months straight and that’s being conservative.   So thank you Garden State for staying open.  My hips might not be so thankful but my stomach sure is. 

Cost: $6.50

Address: Mississippi Food Carts


Call ahead: 503-962-9265

Garden State (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon


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