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Garden State’s Chickpea Fries December 17, 2010


I have to thank my boss for discovering this amazing creation.  We were both waiting for our lunch at a different food cart and ended up wandering over to Garden State to check out their menu.  The deep-fried risotto ball caught our eye but unfortunately it was all sold out.  Then we saw the chickpea fries.  A collective hmmmm ensued and our curiosity prompted us to immediately purchase some.   We were surprised they were actually shaped like fries, we thought they were going to just fry up the beans which would have been just as good.  The fries are not greasy and only lightly salted.  They give you enough that you will more than likely share with someone because they are quite filling.  I’m pretty sure there is parsley in it and they give you lemon to squeeze on them too.  Very simple but incredibly good food. 

I try to tell myself everything in moderation so I never feel bad about eating anything but I’ve had these twice already this week and I know number three is just around the corner.  I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. 


Location: Mississippi Food Carts

Price: $3

Garden State (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon


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