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Off The Griddle Food Cart ~ Veggie Burger and Volt December 9, 2010

Sometimes in life, you make an unintended turn onto a street and you end up in food cart heaven.  It happened to me!

It was a sunny day in October and I was too lazy to pack a lunch so I thought it was a perfect time to check out a Mexican food cart that I’ve been meaning to go to just off SE 50th and Division Street.  Then it happened.  I couldn’t find rock star parking anywhere near the cart so I veered off the main road meaning to turn around and circle back.  That is, until I saw a whole parking lot full of other ones that I could go to instead.  This food cart area is called A la Carts Food Pavillion and The Off the Griddle cart  is one of the first to greet you as you enter this pod.  I give props to any cart that exclusively serves vegetarian/vegan friendly food.  I never have to worry about my fries tasting like the fish or chicken that has also been fried in the same oil.  All their burgers looked appetizing to me but I decided to try the regular OTG (Off the griddle) burger made with leeks, mushrooms and wild/brown rice.  It is also served with fried onions, lettuce and tomato and I added cheese to it for an extra 50 cents (vegan cheese also avail).  The menu also had something called a Veggie Volt which is a Yukon gold potato spiraled out and skewered on a bamboo stick then fried to golden perfection.  I had to buy one of those too 🙂

Let me just say this was one of the most satisfying lunch meals I’ve ever eaten.  The flavor of the burger was spot on and the fried onions were a nice addition sandwiched between Dave’s Killer Bread.   The veggie volt was also delicious and fun to eat.  Each spiral was easily pulled off into a chip sized portion and was nicely fried but not too greasy at all.  Seriously good food here.  Did I mention they do this all in a solar-powered cart?  They rock. 

This pod has a covered tent area with propane heaters for the winter!  Yippee!!!

The BEST veggie burger I've eaten EVER!

Location: 50th and Division (4926 SE Division St) Call in your order: 503.989.3908

Cost: Burger $5.50  (cheese additional .50 cents)/ Veggie Volt $2.50


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