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In Search Of A Holy Cannoli Moment November 30, 2010

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Mission: Try to find cannoli in Portland Oregon
Why? : My reasons are two-fold: the first being cannoli is generally hard to find at most establishments and second being that they are so freaking awesome!
Traditional Cannoli: A Sicilian dessert of tube-shaped shells of fried dough which is then filled with a sweet creamy mixture  containing ricotta cheese. The ends can be left plain or dipped in pistachio (my fav) or chocolate chips.
Thank you Google for helping me find some traditional cannoli from an Italian run bakery/pizzeria/ristorante in North Portland.  The place is called DiPrima Dolci and they have absolutely delicious cannolis.

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They offer them in two sizes with optional toppings for the ends.  I always pick pistachio but they also have chocolate chips and cherry bits to pick from.  These are the real deal and not too sweet of a ricotta filling which I prefer.  Holy Cannoli!

Location: 1936 N. Killingsworth Portland Oregon
Cost: I think I paid $4.50 for a large one but who cares how much they charge!

DiPrima Dolci on Urbanspoon


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