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Drink this: Coffee at Barista ~ Latte November 15, 2010

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Damn fine coffee

My friends call me a coffee snob.  Certifiable at that.  I can’t really argue with them because I know that it’s true.  I live in a city that encourages such snobbery.  Portland has more coffee shops than is really necessary but I love having options rather than being stuck with corporate god-awful coffee.  Yes, you know which one I’m talking about! 

Good coffee isn’t created by just pressing a button.  You need to have working knowledge of the beans, how to extract the flavor correctly and how to create dreamy creamy foam.  I also cannot forget the beautiful latte art that tops my drinks.  I end up taking a momentary pause before enjoying my cup of coffee because I hate to ruin the pretty design! 

I currently have 2 places that are my “go to” spots for coffee (Albina Press and Stumptown) and now I can add one more to the list after giving  Barista a try. I can’t really say I was surprised at how well crafted my beverage was given the owner is Billy Wilson, our resident barista champion.  I go to the Alberta Street location where parking is a bit easier than the one in the Pearl District.  I love the decor and simple vintage touches.  The first time I went there, I was helped by 2 very nice men, dressed up as if they were on the set of Mad Men.  Seriously, they dressed sharped and looked quite dapper.  I was impressed the first time I went there and continue to be with each subsequent visit.  The staff is friendly and they offer several coffee roasters to choose from if you wish to try out something different.  The one thing I hope to splurge on soon is the vacuum pot coffees that I’ve read about and naturally I’m intrigued with.   That will set me back about $8-10 a cup.  Yes that’s right, a 12 ounce cup at that!  Isn’t that the ultimate in coffee snobbery? Caviar priced coffee.  I love it 🙂

Location: 1725 NE Alberta St

Cost: $4 with extra shots

Barista on Urbanspoon


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