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Che Cafe Food Cart ~ Sake Mac and Cheese November 5, 2010

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The Che Cafe is a food cart in North Portland that I was quickly drawn to because they deliver!  For realz!!  I was thrilled because sometimes the lazy in me comes out and the convenience of this coupled with my love of food carts just meant lunch heaven.  There are several items on the menu which I will try at some point in time but my first pick was Mr. Riley’s sake mac and cheese.  This creation is made with a 3 cheese sake sauce and then topped with a generous portion of fried onions (not from a can!) and a side of garlic bread.  I loved the onions and the cheese sauce was super creamy and the sake added a nice flavor to the dish. 
Did I mention they deliver if you are close by?  Free of charge no less!  Amazing!!  Of course I felt terrible because the person delivering my lunch was also toting her baby still in her car seat.  Ugh.  That serves me right for being lazy.  I will probably just order it ahead of time (503-477-0322  ) until their online orders are up and running.   
Location: 3954 N Williams Ave 
Cost: $6

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