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Bruce Lee’s Kitchen Food Cart ~ Tofu Teriyaki October 15, 2010

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Excellent Teriyaki

Bruce Lee’s Kitchen is my latest favorite food cart located in the Sellwood District of Portland Oregon.  There is a handful of carts set up on 13th and Lexington and this was the first one I wanted to try.  I remember walking by it months earlier during a lunch excursion but  for some reason I opted to eat at a sit down restaurant (mistake).   Part of the draw to this cart was the name, which I have to admit got my attention and made me take a closer look.  For some strange reason I feel like I’m not the only person that was intringued by the name alone.  

I was happy to see fried tofu as an option for some of their entrees.  Unfortunately the teriyaki choice was not one of them but sometimes if you ask, you shall receive.  The owner happily accomodated my request and I was bubbling with anticipation from the smells and sounds coming from the kitchen.  The portion was huge! I had lunch the next day too and it was just as tasty.  Fried tofu, broccoli, carrots and rice smothered in teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds.  The meal was so piping hot that I couldn’t take a picture of it right away because of the steam coming up to my camera lens.  I’m happy to say it was delish! I also found out that I could call in my orders so I took advantage of that perk the next time I was there to cut down on the waiting time. 

Great name.  Great Food.  Leftovers.  For $5.50? Hell yeah

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