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Boccone Dolce October 4, 2010

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Heaven on a plate

Boccone Dolce is one of my all time favorite desserts.  It is the type I obsess over until I actually get to eat it, kind of dessert.  The Italian translation is “sweet mouthful” which one cannot argue with because it is just that.  It is absolutely gorgeous to look at and the place I go to get this magnificent work of food art is Papa Haydn Restaurant.  Their version consists of 3 (yes 3!!) layers of Swiss meringues, drizzled with chocolate, fresh fruit (usually strawberries, blueberries and blackberries) sandwiched between Chantilly cream with more bits of chocolate goodness and raspberry sauce to dip each bite with.  I’m not sure any more words are necessary.  Just look at it.  It’s just about perfect. You can begin drooling now…. 

Location: 5829 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR and 701 NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR

Cost: I think I paid $8 but I could be a dollar or two off.

Papa Haydn East on Urbanspoon


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