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A trip to The Sugar Cube Part 3 ~ Highway To Heaven Cupcake August 30, 2010

My Mission: Try every cake/cupcake/pie product on their menu.

My destination:  The Sugar Cube. It is a food cart dishing up decadent desserts

Why?: Duh!!!

In my ongoing pursuit of trying out every baked item on the Sugar Cube’s menu, I find myself staring at the Highway to Heaven cupcake.  On this fateful day, I was actually going to buy the Amy Winehouse cupcake until I saw this “special” one that isn’t listed on their regular menu but is on their special order list.  So there I was…torn between the two.  A dessert dilemma was upon me and I wasn’t sure what to do.  Luckily, a fellow co-worker stepped in and offered to buy one and we split each cupcake.  Yippee!!

The Highway cupcake is described as  THE BEST chocolate buttermilk cupcake, filled to the brim with dreamy salted caramel and then dipped in rich bittersweet chocolate ganache. Michael Landon would be so proud.

The H2H is a pretty freaking good cupcake.  Again, there is a mix of different flavor combinations which makes this an interesting eating experience.  The middle also had caramel swirled about and that was nice surprise.  I am still in love with the Ultimate Brownie and it tops my chocolate list but this one is a close second.


Location: Food carts on the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore Moved to A la Carts Pavilion off 50th and SE Division

Cost: $3 or $3.50 (I can’t remember)


The Sugar Cube (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon


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