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A trip to The Sugar Cube Part 2 ~ Amy Winehouse Cupcake August 20, 2010

My Mission:  Try every cake/cupcake/pie product on their menu.

My destination: The Sugar Cube. It is a food cart dishing up decadent desserts.

Why?: Duh!!!

Can I just say that this is about the greatest mission I’ve ever given myself!!!

I loved the Ultimate Brownie but I decided to try out something different and opted for the infamous Amy Winehouse cupcake: A boozy yellow cake, infused with copious amounts of brandy, a hint of orange zest and then dipped in sexy bittersweet chocolate ganache. This little gem comes with a coke straw and a Colombian sugar bump. Party! 

The first bite was curiously delicious.  What does that mean exactly?  It is when you take a bite and go hmmmm (but you don’t spit it out).  You continue eating it with the hope of distinguishing what makes it taste so unique and before you know it…POOF it’s all gone.  The citrus and the brandy were definitely apparent and I liked it but it also made me think about what the hell was inside of it. The owner (Kir) doesn’t just focus on sweet cake and ultra sweet icing like most cupcake places around town. She likes to mix sweet and salty/bitter and sweet and in this case boozy and sweet. I must say with each bite I grew fonder and fonder of the cupcake. After I finished it, I knew I ate a damn good cupcake. It’s just not the normal “flavor” combination that most people are accustomed to. There is subtle complexity in her creations and I appreciate that as a dessert lover. Super moist cake and killer ganache.


Location: Food carts on the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore Moved to A la Carts Food Pavilion off 50th and SE Division Street

Cost: $3 a pop

The Sugar Cube (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon


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