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Deep fried desserts ~ Deep Fried Twinkies and Oreos Uh Oh August 15, 2010

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When my love of sweets and fried food come together in perfect harmony it makes for quite the decadent eating experience. Elephant ears, nutella beavertails and Voodoo doughnuts just to name a few.  I’ve even had a deep-fried Mars candy bar in Canada (in a Sushi restaurant of all places) which was unbelievable. There is a certain amount of guilt that comes along with eating such things. It is so so bad for you but also so so good that it is almost naughty!

My love of food carts took me to the recently opened FC (food cart) community in SE Portland on Belmont St and although my coworker and I went there for lunch, we found ourselves eating equal amounts of dessert.  After our savory meals, we needed something sweet.  While waiting for the mango sticky rice from the Thai food cart, I noticed Rockabillies just opened up for business.  I wandered over there and perused the selection of sandwiches and then my eyes fixated on the 2 dessert options.  Fried Twinkies and Fried Oreos.  The dilemma for me was that I already ordered the sticky rice but I really wanted to eat their dessert too.  So I told my coworker she needed to split it with me and then it was goodbye dilemma!!

I just had to indulge in the Twinkie concoction after seeing it on tv.  Damn you Food Network!! I also noticed the offering of deep-fried Oreos and although I didn’t order them, the sweet man working there gave us each a sample.  He probably noticed I was clearly interested in it  but couldn’t bring myself to ordering both.  Thank you Rockabilly man.  That saved me from looking too piggish.  I think the Twinkie was ok but I probably won’t order it again. I’m more of a Ding Dong fan so I might suggest he try frying those babies up too. I think the chocolate coating on the Ding Dong will prevent a lot of the oil from seeping into the cake part which was the disappointment with the Twinkie. The Oreos definitely will be eaten again in the future. A regular order comes with 3 but I told him I need at least 6 with a side of ice cream and more sauces to dip them in. How incredibly decadent would that be? I’m crossing my fingers this happens one day!! He mentioned that  he will try teaming up with an ice cream cart  opening there soon so who knows?  I’ll demand credit for that one if I ever see it on the menu.  Name a dessert after me Rockabillies…please!!!

Location: Food carts on 43rd and Belmont

Cost: $3 for each but we got a sample of both for that price 🙂


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