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A trip to The Sugar Cube Part 1 ~ The Ultimate Brownie August 14, 2010

My destination:  The Sugar Cube, a food cart dishing up decadent desserts.

My Mission: Try every cake/cupcake/pie product on their menu.

Why? : Duh!!!

The owner is Kirsten (Kir) and I think she is great.  She has talked me out of feeling guilty for eating her fabulous desserts and I realized she is right. She succeeded in counseling me into eating without feeling bad about the calories or fat content I was about to consume. Thank you for reminding me to just enjoy eating!

So, my mission begins with what is called The Ultimate Brownie
It is described on her menu as a Super fudgy goodness with bittersweet chocolate ganache centers. These babies are served warm and melty, then lightly sprinkled with fleur de sel and grassy green olive oil.
Try it…expand your chocolate and vanilla horizon. 

Ok folks.  This is f*cking amazing.  It really is.  I remember the first time I bought it I was thinking that it was pretty small for a $3.50 brownie.  I guess I am just used to super size portions but in this case you have to throw out that train of thought and realize that size doesn’t matter.  (Well that’s not entirely true but in terms of food it is).  

This brownie is a more refined variety. It is rich and delicious with a gooey center. I love the salt and the sweet coming together in dessert bliss.  I’m fairly certain I can eat more than one but it is the perfect size to indulge your sweet tooth and get your chocolate fix. Two big thumbs up for this brownie.   

Location: Food carts on the corner of Mississippi and Skidmore Moved to the A la Carts Food Pavilion off 50th and SE Division

Cost: $3.50

The Sugar Cube (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon


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